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From the 28th of November to the 1st of December, 2016, we had the pleasure of receiving Mr. Steffen D. Nyman from CJC Headquarters in Denmark at Multi-Tech. Mr. Nyman is a specialist in Oil Care and Maintenance with many years of experience in the study of oil and oil systems. CJC and Multi-tech organized a seminar with a number of our customers including Volta River Authority - Kpong GS and Akosombo GS. The attendees had lots of questions leading to a very good discussion and a learning experience for all participants. 

Mr. Steffen D. Nyman is trained by Noria (http://noria.com) on all issues pertaining to oil and wear in machines, as well as oil analysis which is our window into the life of an oil system. He is currently employed as the resident Corporate Trainer at CJC Headquarters in Svendborg, Denmark. 

We at Multi-Tech believe in educating our customers on the products we want to sell, so we are not only seen as sales Engineers but as trustworthy advisers that want nothing more than to solve your problem in the cheapest, most efficient, and sustainable way. 

We care about your equipment and aim to excel in everything we do in our services to our customers because at Multi-Tech Services, the costumer is always the focus.

updated Tuesday, 13th December, 2016