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Rocklabs, world leader in sample preparation equipment and automated systems brings you the RM1000 pulveriser.

Reliable, safe and robust, the ROCKLABS RM1000 is designed to process samples up to 1000g with a final size of -75microns. The RM1000 features......

Two handed head clamping operation, New pneumatic control valve, Safety rated lid switch, Improved lid & cabinet ergonomics, Improved rotoclamp handle design, Two options available - roto clamp & pneumatic camp

The RM1000 batch pulveriser is used for pulverizing a variety of material from 1-1000g for subsequent analysis by instrumental methods or wet chemistry.

Featuring strong construction and requiring little maintenance, the RM1000 has two clamping options available - Pneumatic Airbag clamp and the Rotoclamp Mechanical clamp.

  • 1 phase or 3 phase power supply
  • Smaller head options can be used with an adaptor plate
  • Very low contamination of samples
  • Noise less than 85 db
  • Low capital cost, long life

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 updated Tuesday, 01 March 2016


It is a well known fact that 80% of all machinery breakdowns are due to highly contaminated system oils. The solids found in the oil are carried round during operation of the equipment and has a destructive impact on the mechanical components. Applying the appropriate oil care & maintenance policy will always help you reduce downtime, increase productivity and significantly reduce your OPEX. In Ghana we have numerous well documented cases to prove this point. 

OEM’s normally takes care of this problem by advising replacing the oil with regular intervals and replace in-line OEM filters on hourly basis. In best of cases they also recommend the end-user to have an oil sample and analysis program in place. The latter is something that we also fully support based on our many years of experience. But replacing oil due to being contaminated is an extra cost which you can easily avoid by have off-line filtration in place. In 99% of the cases replaced system oil is still in perfect condition as far as its chemical composition (additives) and thereby its qualities are concerned. 

We recently visited a plant with a large number of hydraulic machines doing the same job. In order to assist the end-user evaluate the effect of oil change we samples two of their system oil tanks. One sample from a unit with more than 4000 hours of operation and one where the oil had been replaced within the last week. When we received the sample analysis reports both samples where deemed bad with the recommendation to either replace or clean up the oil. The point is that changing the oil doesn’t clean up the system i.e. The interior of the equipment. Therefore clean oil is contaminated within few hours after the oil change and your equipment suffers the same problems as the machines with “old” oil on them. The two oil sample analysis reports can be made available on request. 

We therefore invite you to sample your system oils just after replacement and have them analysed to establish how clean, or perhaps not clean, your system is. This will advise you of the need to clean out your system with off-line filtration. The effect using for instance CJC Off-Line Filtration Systems will show within short time and ROI is pretty fast. In addition to this we are always ready to assist you with the evaluation and a demo of what we can do with CJC Oil Filtration Systems. Just drop us an email or give us a call. We have also done a write-up on the importance of keeping your oil systems clean. Click here to learn more.Hydraulic System and Care Maintenance

Updated Monday, 01 February 2016