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GRINDEX is about Submersible High Quality De-watering, Drainage and Slurry Pumps backed by 75 years of worldwide experience in Mining, Industrial and Construction applications with over 54 pump models.   

The pumps are designed for a wide variety of applications with capacities ranging from 6 to 350 l/s, head from 15-200 meters handling particles in sizes up to 12mm. 

All the pumps are designed with the unique patented SMART(TM) technology which ensures correct motor rotation and motor windings temperature as well as all pumps have extended dry-running capability giving the end-user a Submersible pump that works day-in & day-out without supervision in even the toughest of environments.

The Grindex Inox range manufactured from Stainless Steel can handle extremely corrosive fluids with PH values from 2 – 10.

The Grindex program also offers a wide range of accessories such as level regulators, tandem connections,  starter panels and pump rafts.



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