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ROCBOLT Technologies, a joint venture between DSI and JENNMAR, that provides a complete package of ground control products, engineered solutions and new product development. They have the unique ability to draw upon expertise from a diverse number of mining locations to deliver sophisticated, safe and cost effective solutions to clients, providing a comprehensive range of high quality ground support products, systems and engineered solutions.

Rocbolt Technologies’ quest for better solutions and technology is a critical part of strategy for an ongoing research and development in the underground mining and geotechnical industries. Through this joint venture, they have combined the resources and products of two of the world’s leading suppliers of quality mining, tunneling and geotechnical solutions.

Below are the primary product categories they provide


  • Accessories for Roof and Rock Bolts                                                                     
  • CableLok Barrel
  • CableLok Bolt
  • Anchor Resin Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) Bolts
  • Fasloc Resin Cartridges
  • Fasloc Resin Cartridges - Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Friction Bolts
  • High Energy Absorption Mesh (HEA)
  • INSTAL+ Resin Bolting Solution
  • Multi-Strand Anchor Systems
  • Non-Tensioned Cable Bolt (NT)
  • Paddle Bolts
  • Pigtail Eye Bolt
  • Resin Roof Bolts
  • Self-Drilling Hollow Bar Anchor System
  • Smooth Bar Mechanical Anchor
  • Rocbolt Anchor Resin
  • YIELD-LOK Bolt
  • TDS Mineral Bond LV
  • Mineral Bond LV _ Component B
  • Mineral Bond LV _ Component A


  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) Bolts


  • Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) Bolts
  • Multi-Strand Anchor Systems
  • Self-Drilling Hollow Bar Anchor System
  • GEWI Geotechnical Systems


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