Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is the global technology leader in air filtration. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies owns Viledon’s high-quality filtration systems for industrial and consumer applications.  Viledon brand is focused on processing air optimization to improve engine performance. 

  • Long useful lifetime
  • Water repellent coating
  • Easy installation
  • High functional dependability

1. Viledon filter mats

Viledon filter mats are protected against dust breaking through. They are thermally bonded high-performance nonwovens made of synthetic-organic, break-resistant fibers that provide optimal filter performance. This ensures an optimum in terms of defined filter performance and dust holding capacity, coupled with a low-pressure drop.

2. Viledon paint mist arrestors

High-quality filtration of paint-spray booth exhaust air. Using high-quality and dimensionally stable glass fibers ensures the best filtration results of the exhaust air from the paint spray booth.

3. Filter cells/panel filters

Extend the operational lifetime of your fine filters. Versatile use for longer lifetime: in the pre-filtration of ventilation and air conditioning systems for the protection of downstream fine filters and as a secondary filter after the edrizzi for the separation of overspray.


The MP 45 K filter cells are used for prefiltration in ventilation and air-conditioning equipment as well as in air intake systems and here extend the useful lifetimes of the downstream high-performance filters.


  • The filter medium used is a progressively structured nonwoven made from break-resistant synthetic-organic fibers.
  • The frame is made of sturdy polypropylene plastic and glued to the pleated filter medium at the four interior sides of the frame in a dust-proof configuration.
  • A protection grid on the downstream side enhances the filter’s stability.
  • The complete filter element is moisture-resistant up to 100% relative humidity, so that dimensional stability is assured.
  • The maximum temperature for thermal stability is 70°C.
  • Frame and filter medium are self-extinguishing to DIN 53438 (Fire class F 1).

4. Coalescer prefilters

Optimum protection against water and salt ingress. Prefilters with optimum coalescing properties for maximized protection of gas turbines and compressors against fouling and corrosion.

a. HydroMaxx; Optimum protection against water and salt ingress. Viledon hydroMaxx reverse pocket filters are the next generation of coalescer filters offering excellent coalescing properties with front-of-filter drainage effects. Ideally suited for applications with constant water spray or fogging.


The filters are the next generation of coalescer filters following the field-proven F 45 R pocket filter range. Offering high operational reliability and cost-efficiency they are ideally suited for intake air prefiltration at coastal, offshore, and other high-humidity locations of

  • gas turbines in power generation and in the oil and gas industry
  • compressors
  • diesel and gas engines

They provide optimum protection of the following filter stages to keep them dry. Water-repellent with front-of-filter drainage effect. Water droplets remain on the surface, and do not penetrate into the medium but drain down.


  • hydroMaxx pocket filters offer four main benefits in one filtration concept.
  • The reverse media’s hydrophobic, progressive nonwoven composition functions as a reliable coalescer for water droplets and high humidity.
  • This feature enables the water droplets to combine and drain down from the vertical pockets. Thus salt and hydrocarbon ingress will be substantially reduced.
  • Superior dust handling. Thanks to the reverse media concept, dust is not readily stored as in a traditional pocket filter. The hydroMaxx utilizes a self-supporting, integrated plastic cage system to optimize performance. Therefore, the draining water washes off the dust captured on the filter media.
  • Maximized functional reliability thanks to the leak-proof welded edge configuration of the filter pockets, foam-sealed into a PUR front frame, and dimensionally stable construction of the filter element as a whole.
  • Various 2-in-1 filtration system solutions based on the unique modular clip-on system. This design allows close coupling to either the intermediate or the final filter without any structural modifications. Learn more about the various clip-on combinations in a video.

Couplings on the hydroMaxx and connecting pins on the main filter allow the combination with other pre- or final filters.

b. HydroPack; Extend the useful lifetime of the downstream high-performance filters. The filter cells have excellent coalescing properties and are ideally suited for applications with constant water spray or fogging.

Applications – HydroPack MP 45 KTC-W filter cells are used for intake air filtration of 

  • gas turbines in power generation and in the oil and gas industry
  • compressors and diesel and gas engines.

Here they extend the useful lifetimes of the downstream high-performance filters.


  • Thanks to coalescing properties ideally suited for applications where filters are exposed to constant water spray or fogging.
  • hydroPack MP 45 KTC-W Filters are fully potted resulting in a leak-free construction.
  • A water barrier at the bottom of the filter’s back side reduces intaken water from reaching the clean-air side. This ensures enhanced prefilter lifetime and protection of the downstream filter stage.
  • The entire filter element is metal-free and thus non-corroding and fully incinerable. 

c. HydroMesh: Extend the useful lifetime of the downstream high-performance filters. The filters apply for moisture separation used in intake air filtration systems of gas turbines and compressors for coarse dust prefiltration of static and pulse-jet filter systems.

Applications – HydroMesh coalescer filters apply for moisture separation at locations with temporary peaks in humidity used in intake air filtration systems of

gas turbines for power generation and in the oil and gas industry



  • They are suitable for the prefiltration of pulse-jet cartridge systems in very dusty environments that are also characterized by high humidity (e. g. coastal sites in desert areas) or by water ingress.
  • They protect the downstream filter stages and remove moisture, and can be used as coarse dust (e. g. sand) prefilters in static filter systems.

5. Pocket filters/Viledon pocket filters

Without compromises in all filter classes. The high cost-efficiency of Viledon pocket filters is rooted in low average pressure drops and optimized aerodynamics coupled with full utilization of the filtering area available.

Viledon pocket filters Compact; Highly efficient, economical, and energy-efficient. Increase the efficiency of your filtration system. By using Viledon Compact pocket filters you save on energy costs and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Viledon pocket filters WinAir – The budget solution for a good indoor climate. Viledon WinAir pocket filters are specifically designed for HVAC applications. They create good room air quality based on good arrestance coupled with a low-pressure drop.

Viledon cassette filters – Rely on high quality and maximum performance. All models are characterized by high-performance capabilities: Viledon cassette filters excel in terms of optimum media velocity with low-pressure drop even at high-volume flows.

  • MaxiPleat – Maximized operational dependability and cost-efficiency
  • MaxiPleat modular filter system – Integrate without any modifications an additional filter stage
  • MV NanoPleat – Exceptionally sturdy and water-repellent
  • eMaxx – Powerful. Efficient. Economic. Durable.
  • MVP – Viledon quality with an optimum price-performance ratio
  • MVP E² Plus – With the energy-efficiency plus
  • MVPGT – Reliable in intake air filtration for gas turbines
  • MVPGT-21 – Reliable in intake air filtration for gas turbines

Viledon EPA, HEPA, and ULPA filters; Developed for sterile air and cleanrooms. Viledon EPA, HEPA, and ULPA filters in the filter classes E11 to U15 meet the highest requirements for clean air and sterility in demanding HVAC and in sensitive industrial processes.

  • Aluminum frame and PU seal – Efficient air filtration in cleanrooms
  • Aluminum frame with silgel seal – Reliable for sterile air and cleanrooms
  • Plastic frames – Efficient air filtration in cleanrooms
  • MDF frame – Efficient air filtration in cleanrooms
  • High volume flow filters – For efficient air filtration in cleanrooms
  • Cartridge – Highly efficient arrestance in a minimized space
  • Filter with plastic plenum hood – Compact and lightweight for flexible installation
  • Ceiling air outlets – Efficient air filtration in cleanrooms

6. Viledon Gas phase filtration

A critical challenge deserves a sophisticated solution; Viledon gas phase filtration solutions are designed to protect sensitive components and systems against corrosion. As well as supplying the necessary ChemControl pellets and filtration units, we conduct a comprehensive range of services. 

  • ChemControl Pellets
  • Reliable protection against corrosion
  • Honeycomb (HM) Media
  • ChemControl Modules
  • Honeycomb (HM) Modules
  • ChemControl Systems
  • Honeycomb (HM) Systems
  • ChemWatch Online Monitoring
  • ChemControl Canisters
  • Cassette filters

7. Viledon filter cartridges for turbomachinery

For best results under all conditions. Whether very wet, dry or dirty outside air: Viledon pulse-jet filter cartridges and depth-loading filter cartridges achieve optimum results in intake air filtration for gas turbines and compressors.

  • Filter cartridges pulse-jet – GTB, GTS, GTS10
  • Filter cartridges for turbomachinery – GTG, GTG EPA

8. Viledon high-temperature filters

Efficient and reliable at high temperatures. For air filtration at temperatures above 100°C up to a maximum of 385 °C, the Viledon high-temperature filters are the right choice. The silicone-free filter elements meet stringent requirements for air purity, process dependability, and cost-efficiency. 

  • HiProtec
  • HiTemp
  • Filter mats
  • Filter packs

9. Viledon filter elements for emission control

Customized emission control concepts for your application. Choosing the right filter or the optimum filter combination is crucial to ensuring the efficacy of a dust removal system. Thanks to our comprehensive corporate expertise, we are able to develop customized dust removal concepts for you.

  • Filter cartridges for emission control
  • DIN Standard, Twist & Fix, Snap & Fix, sinTexx Plus
  • Dust removal elements
  • FE 2506- and FE 2507-sinus, sinTexx Plus, Antistatic, NEXX
  • Filter bags
  • NEXX, Fiber Bags

10. Accessories for air filters/Viledon accessories for air filters

High-quality accessories for your filter system; The high-quality accessories are perfectly matched to the entire range of filters. In addition to mounting frames and plug-on gaskets for air filters, we also offer differential pressure drop measuring instruments and accessories for dust removal filters.

  • Mounting frames for air filters
  • Plug-on gasket for mounting frames
  • Differential pressure measurement equipment