ORF Conveyor Belts – have been the number one choice for large quarries and process industries in the Middle East for over 25 years, and they were the first commercial manufacturer of conveyor belts for material handling requirements in the Middle East.

Designed for efficiency, durability, and performance at a reasonable cost, they have withstood the test of time and driven construction in the region for decades.

ORF Conveyor Belts are manufactured using polyester–polyamide (nylon) fabric plies and rubber covers conforming to DIN 221 02 and are ideal for bulk handling a wide range of heavy and abrasive materials. ORF is successfully catering to various industries; quarry, stone crushing & screening, cement & process, mining, ports, ready-mixed concrete, sand washing, asphalt, organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, and many more. ORF can offer customized specifications to application needs.

  • Heavy Duty, Chevron Belts
  • Oil Resistance Belts
  • Heat Resistance Belts
  • Flame and Heat Resistance Belts
  • Cleated Elevator Belts
  • Steel Cord Belts
  • Special Belts – PVC

ORF Conveyor Rollers are built to last. They are designed for medium to extreme heavy-duty requirements for various industries. Applications include cement, quarrying, steel and process, batching, asphalt & bock, construction, fertilizers, warehouse, packaging, and recycling. ORF Conveyor Rollers are designed for endurance and components originate from quality sources.